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If you’ve had success with SparkTeens and think we offer a great product for free the best way you can pay us back is to tell more people about us! You can do this by telling your friends and family, the media, your doctor, or anyone else who will listen!

Below are different methods and tools you can use to Spread the Spark:

Tell Friends By Email

Use our simple form and we’ll email others on your behalf. (We will only email them once)

Support SparkTeens on Facebook & MySpace

Have a Facebook or MySpace account? Spread the word about SparkTeens there!

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SparkTeens Flyer

Print off this one-page flyer and hang it up where teens will see it (or give a copy to your friends, teachers, coaches etc).

Join the "I Heart SparkTeens" SparkTeam

Join others passionate about spreading the word about SparkTeens!

Button/Link From Your Website

If you run a website or blog, get buttons and text links.


Who Wants to Know About SparkPeople?

Use our email, printable flyers, or other methods to tell these people in your life