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  • Healthy Hot Chocolate? Hell yes.

    11/16/2014 12:41:13 PM, by BODYLOVENOW

    Yeah. You heard correctly. Get ready to taste the most wondrous, squeaky clean concoction imaginable. For this recipe you will need: - 1 cup... Read more

  • Welcome to Planet Earth

    11/16/2014 12:36:01 PM, by BODYLOVENOW

    So you’ve woken up in this wild place and you have no idea what the hell to do with it yet. There’s political warfare happening right and left, a... Read more

  • An Open Letter from Your Teenager

    11/16/2014 12:33:43 PM, by BODYLOVENOW

    Dear Parents, I must admit, we are very difficult to recognize. More often than not you seem to be completely at odds with who we have becom... Read more

  • Depression and Getting Healthy

    11/16/2014 12:28:34 PM, by BODYLOVENOW

    I officially started working towards being healthier about a year ago, when I discovered that my body felt exponentially better without certain f... Read more

  • Big Changes Being Made

    11/15/2014 1:43:43 PM, by MADISONCAREY

    As it says it my introduction, I just spent my 20th birthday in hell. After a solid week of chronic vomiting, general flu-like symptoms (minus a ... Read more

  • Daily Workout 3

    11/13/2014 11:08:27 PM, by BABYSEAL15

    I loved today's workout because I found a quick easy routine that I can do in about five minutes, then found a yoga routine that was about five m... Read more

  • my favorite sandwich

    11/13/2014 1:05:55 PM, by JACKSMITH7

    my mom always makes it
    2687 ... Read more

  • Failure Is An Option... Sort Of

    11/12/2014 11:20:40 PM, by AELUMINATE

    I have been facing some road blocks these past few days. My beginner's rush has faded in workouts and I have to slow to a walk about every eight ... Read more

  • Daily Workout 2

    11/12/2014 6:42:43 PM, by BABYSEAL15

    Just finished another ten minutes of working out. I'm really pumped because I can already feel myself pushing farther than I could before. Next s... Read more

  • Daily Workout

    11/11/2014 8:23:52 PM, by BABYSEAL15

    I just finished my ten minute workout, the first in a while. I realized I should probably workout a little more often because grunting and pausin... Read more

  • More Than A Number

    11/11/2014 7:53:51 PM, by AELUMINATE

    My fitness is more than a number. My ideal body isn't a specific dress size or smaller boobs (yes, this problem does exist). It isn't model skinn... Read more

  • Yummy Food

    11/11/2014 11:35:31 AM, by STREHLOW22
    recipe-detail.asp?recipe=262 FRUIT PIZZAAAAAAA... Read more

  • Been a little while

    11/8/2014 11:55:50 PM, by SYDPRO1717

    So, I kinda forgot about this account. I'm here now. I have good news and bad news. The bad news is I've gained seven pounds. It's my diet, but I... Read more

  • The Point of No Return

    11/8/2014 5:41:18 PM, by AELUMINATE

    There comes a point in fitness where your fate is determined. Either you have been putting in halfhearted efforts and decide that it would be a b... Read more

  • Progress

    11/8/2014 12:00:05 AM, by MAIIIRAA

    So I keep forgetting to add my exercises to my tracker, so it will show less minutes. I can assure you that I have been exercising. I've been goi... Read more

  • The Battle Between "I Want" and "I Will"

    11/6/2014 9:29:31 PM, by AELUMINATE

    One of the most difficult things about succeeding athletically is this: most people are willing to complain, to day dream, and to wistfully talk ... Read more

  • Day Eighteen: Oops

    10/29/2014 9:38:14 PM, by KMCALLAH

    I've kind of neglected coming on here for the past few months. Sorry about that! I guess I'll do a not-so-quick update blog to let y'all know wha... Read more

  • An update (no gluten, dairy or eggs)

    10/29/2014 12:34:09 AM, by FUZZUZZLE

    Before you judge me as a crazy person, this was recommended to me by a doctor. It was a naturopathic doctor. Which is also not my thing . . . you... Read more

  • Sports are fun, and burn calories :)

    10/22/2014 8:41:05 PM, by GLADOS_

    My all-time favorite sport is football (soccer). It's fun, and for that reason you barely notice you're burning calories. It burns a lot of calor... Read more

  • Need any recipes?

    10/22/2014 8:21:10 PM, by GLADOS_

    I love food, but I mean who doesn't? I know a lot of healthy weight loss sites, but my two favorites you probably already know as well are: Read more

  • I Need New Exercises...

    10/22/2014 8:15:05 PM, by GLADOS_

    I know that once you get used to a routine exercise, you'll burn a lot less calories because your body is used to it. I was wondering if anybody ... Read more

  • WTF How did this happen?

    10/22/2014 7:30:21 PM, by GLADOS_

    No less than a month ago, I stepped on the scale and there it was, the dreaded 200 pounds. I know exactly how it happened, too. My mindless snack... Read more

  • Sigh...

    10/21/2014 10:51:06 PM, by REFORMCHRISTIAN

    ...I know I do this all the time, but over the past two weeks, I have gained about ten pounds, and I am ready to ditch it. I want to lose ten pou... Read more

  • Motivation

    10/19/2014 9:46:00 PM, by SYDPRO1717

    I have not been dieting recently. It has been really hard to stay motivated. I'm not huge, but I have a couple pounds to spare. It is hard becaus... Read more

  • It's Time For A Change.....

    10/19/2014 4:01:01 PM, by KOUNTRYGIRL01

    School is ok, but can be much better. When I go back Monday, things will change. I will get better grades and I will study more, and I will NOT p... Read more

  • i was naughty

    10/15/2014 10:10:50 AM, by SICKOFTHAT

    me and my parents watched monk and I ended up eating pop corn and chocolate :( it's not that bad cause it was dark choco and unbuttered popcorn... Read more

  • Doin Alright :)

    10/13/2014 12:03:53 PM, by SHADOW_WOLF_14

    So far I've lost about 7 pounds and am doing great hope everyone is doing awesomely Cheers! ~Shadow... Read more

  • first day of the healthy lifestyle

    10/11/2014 2:52:40 AM, by SICKOFTHAT

    so, today I couldn't change what I ate really, but I did exercise and my legs feel so lovely. it doesn't feel like jiggle jiggle but ow :)... Read more

  • College

    10/9/2014 11:59:14 PM, by MAELOXX

    I'm sorry, but I had a lot of expectations for college. I guess they were too high. I thought that college would be a fresh start for me and that... Read more

  • Okay then

    10/8/2014 1:19:27 AM, by SYDPRO1717

    I guess old habits die hard because I didn't stay on track today. It was going great until I went to have a little after school snack and we had ... Read more

  • I'm still here! :)

    10/7/2014 4:04:23 PM, by SUCCESS_ELLE

    Hey guys! I haven't been on here in a while yes because I'm super busy. Like if I thought I have ever been busy before? Understatement. But I too... Read more

  • My Knee

    10/7/2014 3:06:15 PM, by KOUNTRYGIRL01

    Ok so last year, I grew about a foot and a half, and then I fell, and pushed my knee out of place. I have been going to therapy, and its made it ... Read more

  • Back on Track (after falling off a cliff)

    10/7/2014 12:33:09 AM, by SYDPRO1717

    This was my first day back on my diet after I kinda lost control last week. I am now 119 lbs., which is the highest I've ever been. I think I'm g... Read more


    9/30/2014 10:45:11 PM, by SYDPRO1717

    Things haven't been going great. I have this HUGE English project due on Thursday. I swear I've spent at least an hour a day except for one worki... Read more

  • Ten Months Later?!

    9/30/2014 4:30:33 PM, by BEAUTIFULROSE94

    I can't believe I haven't blogged since last Thanksgiving! I was recently talking to one of my fellow Sparkers/Slim Sisters, and we were sha... Read more

  • OMG!!!!!!!!!

    9/30/2014 10:36:46 AM, by FINDANGELS

    MOTIVATION!!!! i just found out with math using google lol that by June 1, 2015 AKA what i am going to count as the first day of summer, i can be... Read more


    9/30/2014 12:44:42 AM, by SYDPRO1717

    So I was playing soccer yesterday and then I went to take a shot and strained my hamstring. It hurt really bad when I woke up this morning so I t... Read more

  • Overnight Oatmeal

    9/29/2014 7:00:52 PM, by SYDPRO1717

    This is great for breakfast and super easy. Mix equal parts rolled oats and liquid. The liquid can be milk, milk substitute, water, juice, etc. T... Read more

  • So

    9/29/2014 2:55:00 AM, by FINDANGELS

    so i tried for like an hour and a half to sleep and i couldnt so i got on my laptop and decided i am staying up the whole night, i only have 2 ho... Read more

  • Supersize vs. Superskinny

    9/28/2014 10:04:12 PM, by SYDPRO1717

    There is this show called Supersize vs. Superskinny. It is really inspiring and has great tips. Just search on YouTube "supersize vs superskinny.... Read more

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